First, I am a servant of and witness for my Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ…  And, I make these statements in His Name, under my own free will, and under the influence of God’s love for me and for all of His children in this world, who believe on Jesus’ Name, and search for truth in their lives…

Second, I present a graphic of ‘Phil’s Engine’..  Now this engine ‘runs on lightning’ (so to speak) and represents ‘The Key’ to ‘the bottomless pit’ (or, ‘shaft of the Abyss’), in Revelation 9:3…  Or, *the key to outer space* in our modern understanding of this text.  Another clue:  The ‘key’ to the functioning of this engine is an extremely hot ‘plasma furnace’.  This furnace is also mentioned in this Bible passage…  Phil’s Engine, therefore, represents the key to deep space travel to other worlds in modern terms; and it represents your ‘ark’ (of preservation).

Now ‘Phil’ will probably tell you that I am a thief, because I stole this idea from him many years ago.  Phil was an engineer who had actually seen a ‘flying saucer’, and he pretty much convinced me that his story was true.  And so, with the help of Phil’s sketches and notes (he had a collection), I (with my knowledge of MHD) and with much prayer, was able to figure out (by reverse-engineering) how ‘they’ worked.  Now, Phil wanted a billion dollars for his (our) idea (solution).  I told Phil I was going to give ‘it’ away.  And that is because of “who”….

Do not be deceived.  In Revelation 9:11 his name is called Appolyon the ‘destroyer’ (in Greek).  But, ‘he’ is seen more clearly in Revelation Chap 12 (about 60K years from now) as the serpent, still controlling a galactic empire across 1/3 of the Milky Way; but now battling the Queen (of the kingdom of heaven) for the future…  With the Holy Spirit, I have come to understand and accept, that Appolyon is the one I have really stolen this idea from.  Let all who can ‘read’ my words understand: the kingdom of heaven (on earth) is at hand!

God gave us, His children, ‘free will’; the right to make up our own minds as to who we will be, and some chose to be rotten.  The ‘seed of the serpent’ represents the ultimate ‘recreation of life’ into its most ultimately evilform by design.  Whereas we recognize God’s words to us from the Bible, that He has created us in His image, male and female; and our offspring, likewise.  This extraterrestrial being (the abomination of desolation) is likewise manufactured (without gender) in the image of his creator:  Appolyon.  You can think of ‘him’ as Government’s ‘ultimate form of birth control’…

Almighty God is Supremely Sovereign over His creation.  Rather than having us struggling valiantly to cope with a universe filled with the chaos of evil & of random events, our Creator has provided us with the prophetic promises of His victories of good over evil in the Bible:  Genesis 3:15, Daniel 12, Matt 24:15-29, Rev 11:3-12, are relevant prophecies for these times…

The Devil:  Even as mankind inherited our struggle with the ‘spirit of the serpent’ through Adam & Eve in the original garden of our creation; and even so, mankind is still tempted with this spirit of the ‘evil one’, and on a grand scale, all around and in every corner of this world.  Therefore, Judgment is coming upon us at this point; because, and you know the truth, what we really need is Mercy; and it is written “there is no Mercy except it first pass through the judgment”.

Only a remnant will remain.  The significance of what I am stating here will not be fully understood until one begins to see the great spiritual battle of good versus evil, for humanity and even for all of creation.  “Good” and “evil” are so much more than mere human constructs born of Mankind’s limited understanding of the universe; and, our tribulations will be much longer than 40 days and nights.  For our Creator has designed us as ‘salt and light’, with a ‘heart’ for His laws, and with a mind to seek out, to understand, to abide by His will; and so, to effect positive change for good in our lives & families, communities, in our worlds, and across all creation…

All face the temptations of ‘the world’, ‘the flesh’, and ‘the evil one’…  This world which now seems so troubled is no longer here for our security.  The time has  come.  It is the Lord’s hand that shakes this world of shadows around us, which is passing away like a veil removed too soon, to reveal the chaos of evil, above.  It is the Lord’s hand that will bring all humanity together.  God Bless us all, each and every one.  Keep your faith and strength of spirit with the Lord.  I pray the Lord keep us all in His ways…

God has created Man & Woman, each & together, as a union of flesh and spirit, and to be a ‘temple’ for His Holy Spirit.  Truly, a station higher than the angels – We have our love for God and our love for one another in Jesus Name; we are not alone…  The Kingdom of Heaven (on earth) is at hand!  And, as you begin to believe in such things, especially as ‘they’ fall out of the sky and into your lap, you will also begin to wonder ‘who’ it is that ‘they/we/you/i’ are and ‘where’ do ‘they/we/you/i’ come from?   Now the answer to that, you will find in your Bible, my friend…

In the old testament of the Bible; it was the ‘believers’ who lived a righteous life, even as an example to ‘the world’; and they were called ‘the just’.  Our Lord said “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”  For those who ‘elect’ to seek and be filled with righteousness, I will tarry here for a while…  Forgiveness is the promised land….  Jesus Christ will come again, but not right now.  Do not be deceived.

Your humble servant….

Captain Stan

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